Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bonding with Buffy

Daughter E and I will be bonding over Buffy the Vampire Slayer this afternoon. Tiny Daughter M is going to a sleepover and the big girl and I try to watch Buffy whenever she is away.

There have been many things, from Alice In Wonderland to Star Trek that I just couldn't wait to introduce to my children. I imagined how much they would love discovering these fictional worlds that meant so much to me and helped to shape who I am. Predictably, she has rejected almost all of them. The child doesn't even like science-fiction! How could I have a child with no interest in sci-fi at all? Instead she invests her attention in anime, etc. This was both shocking and disappointing to me.

I am a Buffy fanatic. Without much hope, I invited Daughter E to watch it with me last year. Dear readers, she loves it! We finally have a geek universe to share. It may be a small thing, but it's one thing we agree upon and share. I am looking forward to watching her experience all of the Slayer's adventures for the first time.

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