Friday, September 4, 2009

Finding Time For Spiritual Practice

Over the summer I developed a habit of spending a few minutes of either chanting or quiet seated mediation in the morning right after the sun salutations that save my back. Now that school is back in session and the mornings are full of getting children ready, finding this quiet time has gotten really hard. Evenings are full of dinner and homework, etc and after bedtime if for reading, hot baths, and time with the Husband. I cannot possible get up any earlier than 6 AM; it is everything this night owl can do to pry herself out of bed that early, but I miss those moments of peace.

What solutions have other parents found for carving out a little spiritual time? The Husband is very good about making sure the kids give me Me Time for baths, walks, time away from the house and the like, but none of that is the same as just sitting quietly. I'd love to hear what works for the rest of you.

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