Sunday, April 11, 2010

Learning to Listen To My Body

One of these days I am going to learn to listen to my body. I tend to be in my head a lot and sometimes (frequently) do not listen to subtle physical cues my body sends me. "I can push past this fatigue, pain, stress, etc. and be just fine. I will rest later" I tell myself. The mythical later when I won't have a million things I want/need to do. In the whole mind-body-spirit connection, I tend to forget about the body part.

So occasionally my body has to shout at me to get my attention. Today it knocked me right on my butt. So I took a long nap, I have a bath planned, and just about all the chores got put off. (Please do not look at my bathroom.)

So it's tea, and a bath, and early to bed to me. Early to bed feels like a waste of time, when I could be reading or talking or something else interesting, but my pragmatic husband tries to convince me otherwise, usually in vain. Yes, I'm talking about sleep, here. Nope, I'm not talking myself out of it: early to bed. Listening to my body.

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