Monday, June 8, 2009

First Female African-American Rabbi Ordained

This makes me really happy. Congratulations to Alysa Stanton, the first female african-american rabbi ordained in the United States. One of the few things I still appreciate about my mother's religious tradition is her intense interest in Judaism. For her, it was a way to get in touch with the roots of her Christian faith more deeply. For me, it is just such an amazing tradition and culture that there is really nothing quite analogous to the survival of the Jewish people.

Recently my mother found out that part of our mitochondrial DNA is most likely Ashkenazi. We have no idea how far back we would need to go to find our last practicing Jewish ancestress, but it still made me feel good. Like some of the other things I've talked about here, it felt right.

Around the world, each of the Abrahamic religions has its group of fundamentalists resisting any change and often subjugating women. It's refreshing to see some of them doing it differently. Best wishes to Rabbi Stanton and her congregation. Mazel tov.

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