Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keillor in a Teapot

I was going to post on Garrison Keillor's recent article, but I find that plenty has already been published. Paul Oakley's take on the subject is well worth reading.

Keillor should focus on his own church rather than worrying about what other people sing in theirs, but I still like him. I loved his book Homegrown Democrat. Right now, I am way too mad at members of the religious right for using the name of God to host a "prayer cast" against health care and taxes to get to riled up about Keillor. I didn't care for his article, but it is a pretty minor deal compared to people preaching that God Allmightly is calling on us to resist health care reform. I guess all those Christians in every other developed country in the world must feel pretty stupid now. Now we've shown them that the free health care they enjoy is the work of Satan.

Such a digusting and blatant abuse of religion is such a disgrace that I can't get worked up about the words to "Silent Night". I'm just going to continue to pay outrageous health premiums and sign Christmas carols however I please.


  1. Well said Strange Attractor.

    I really don't understand why *some* U*Us are so offended by Garrison Keillor's "rant" aka "tirade" which I perhaps too charitably assume was a somewhat botched attempt as some tongue-in-cheek humor. Let's face it, far worse things have been said about Unitarianism aka Unitarian*Univeralism by disgruntled U*Us themselves. . .

    Rev. Thom Belote put it nicely in saying -

    "When we are actually touched by the Christmas Spirit, by the Holiday Spirit, we don’t let things like this get our goat."

    Most ironically however it would appear that Rev. Belote is numbered amongst those overly sensitive U*U Souls whose goat Garrison Keillor got aka pwned. . . :-)