Monday, December 14, 2009

Satisfied With Here and Now

I went for another beautiful wintry walk this evening, this time after dark. I am trying to learn to enjoy winter this year and the current scenery and relative warmth are helping with that quite a bit. Things kind of clicked in my head tonight while sweeping snow off the deck. This winter appreciation effort is part of learning to not only be happy, but to be satisfied with where I am.

Much of my life has been spent wishing I lived in a better place or a better time or a better lifestyle. Part of that is an overactive imagination, but only a part. If only I were... then my life would really be the way I want it to be. But my time and place to be is here. My energy is better spent making this the here and now I want instead of pining for what isn't.

Please someone remind me of this in a few months when it is bitter cold and dark, and I want to be anywhere in the world other than here. That is why hot baths were invented.

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