Monday, April 27, 2009

Girl Time With the Squirrel and the Chickadees

This evening the girls and I played catch in our very own backyard for possibly the first time. Much credit goes to my husband for all of the raking and hard work that made this possible. We just bought the house last summer and the back yard was a nightmare. I felt so grateful to finally be able to give them this security, of playing in their very own backyard. It's not that big, but it's all ours.

This time of year in Alaska we have enough light that we can come home from work, make a quick dinner, and still play catch and take a walk in the sunshine, which we did. (It was still full light outside when I put them to bed at 9:00). It amazes me that my wild and crazy little Amazons can sit so still and quietly to watch a squirrel scurry back and forth on our fence. Our squirrel are tiny and cute, not big and pesky like the grey monsters that haunt east coast. We paused the game several times to watch the squirrel and the chickadees.

I was more relaxed and at peace tonight outside than I have been in weeks. I am so glad that I listened to their requests and didn't blow them off to watch House.

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