Sunday, April 12, 2009

My New and Beloved Apple Tree

I bought an apple tree this weekend. It sounds pretty trivial, but I am more excited than I can tell you. Apples aren't native to Alaska, but I have wanted one for years and years. We finally bought a house last summer and I knew this spring I would be planting my very own apple tree.

Apples caught my imagination through their connection to magic and, specifically goddesses. Loving apples and apple trees was a way to covertly nourish my connection to the divine feminine and to the power of myth. I still remember as an adolescent reading a description of Gwynhwyvar on her wedding day with her hair in braids and each braid ended in a tiny golden apple.

Currently, this much anticipated little sapling is sitting in front of my living room window since there is still about a month before I can plant it in the backyard. It is already budding there and I am happy every time I look at it. The store only had one tree left of the type I wanted, so I still need to get another for pollination. Right now, I can't think of a better way to celebrate spring's renewal right now than to watch the buds grow on my very own little apple tree.

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