Thursday, March 25, 2010

Forward Momentum

It feels like things are finally moving forward around here. Maybe it's just spring, but it feels good.

Health Care Reform, while far from perfect, has finally passed. The ugly limbo of the past nine months made me want to bury my head in the sand sometimes. Now that it is passed, we can work on other things. I can only hope the momentum of this victory propels us all to take on other problems. Big problems, let's think big.

On the personal side, I was handed a big setback at work two months ago, but then no actions or resolutions came about. This aimless treading water took a toll on my morale. Once I was no longer angry, but anxious to move forward and start contributing again, progress starting making those baby steps. Now it looks like those steps are finally speeding up. (I am loving the metaphors this evening apparently.) I am eager to get past this transition and just focus on the work again. It felt good to finally be able to let a few co-workers know this afternoon. Humiliating, but in a good way.

I've still got a lot to be grateful for:
~ Health Care Reform
~ I still have a job
~ I still have my salary so
~ I can still make my house payment and feed my kids
~ My family is healthy all at the same time for once
~ Graciousness & sensitivity of old and new bosses
~ Husband who is still proud of me even when I am not, and who is currently making me tea

It's time to kick myself in the butt and spring forward!

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