Sunday, March 28, 2010

Manhood For Amateurs

I have to return Manhood for Amateurs by Michael Chabon to the library tomorrow and I am reluctant to let it go. It is an interesting and very personal collection of essays on a variety of aspects of modern manhood, but it also explores the relationship between fans and authors. As a life-long fan of many geeky series & creations, I loved reading his point of view as both an author and a fanboy, and the relationship between those identities.

I have no non-weird way of writing this, but his essay "Woman of Honor" about Big Barda from DC Comics is one of the most romantic things I have read in a long time, at least if you are a geek girl. Read the whole essay because the romantic angle won't make sense when you are half-way through reading about the life of Jack Kirby, but the payoff is worth it.

I may have to actually buy a copy.

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  1. I love Michael Chabon. I saw him at Powell's reading two essays from this book (which I have not read yet - hold list at library is LONG and I don't wish to own the hardcover). I could listen to/read him all day/week/year long. Love love love. Check out Maps & Legends, good comic-book fan-geek stuff in there as well.