Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Goal is Even Keel

After yesterday I fully expect to have an emotionally draining week; this is unavoidable. The variable is my response so I have decided to take proactive steps towards mood enhancement to keep me level.

Step 1 today was to wear my pretty new green dress. It sounds shallow and trivial, I know, but why not start out the day feeling good about how I look? Especially when insomnia left me puffy-eyed.

Step 2 is music and I don't mean the blues. Hopefully upbeat music will drown out some negativity.

Step 3 is to MAKE myself make time to meditate. Moping is more tempting, but a few still minutes of breathing should help to keep an even keel.

Step 4 is community. I want to hide in a cave and feel sorry for myself, but I am going to make sure I continue to reach out. This blog is part of that and people I met on Twitter did more to lift my mood last night than anything else.

I think I will print out this list and keep it on my desk as a reminder. I am unusually goal oriented this week. The goal is even keel. Wish me luck.

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